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  • Brushless motor: Brushless motors deliver more power to the tool while delivering a lighter more compact tool.
  • Compatible: All batteries can be used for both new and existing tools in the same voltage class – thanks to the Flexible Power System
  • High-performance: Cordless freedom with corded performance – thanks to powerful tools, long-lasting batteries and innovative charging solutions perfectly adapted to each other.
This Bosch Blue Kit Includes:

1 x GSB 18V-60 C Brushless Hammer Drill

1 x GDX 18V-200 Brushless Impact Wrench

1 x GAL 18V-40 Fast Charger

2 x GBA 18V 4.0AH Lithium-Ion Battery

1 x Cordless Tool Bag

GSB 18V-60 C Brushless Hammer Drill -

The GSB 18V-60 C Professional Cordless Hamer Drill features a brushless motor and impact drilling function which offers the best power-to-size ratio in Bosch's 18V category.
With 60 Nm of hard torque and a 174-mm head length, the drill driver features an ideal combination of power and size. KickBack Control increases user protection for safer work and perfect control, while its precision clutch assists the user during operation for convenient work. The drill driver is equipped with a Bluetooth Connectivity option to connect directly to a smartphone for additional tool control.

GDX 18V-200 Brushless Impact Wrench -

The GDX 18V-200 is a combined impact driver and impact wrench. Its unique 2-in-1 bit holder has both a 1/4’’ internal hex and a 1/2’’ square drive, making this tool ready for both screwdriving and bolting applications. This multifaceted tool eliminates the need for a separate impact driver and impact wrench to get the job done. With its high fastening torque and extremely short head length, this tool is the perfect choice for powerful use even in hard-to-reach areas. Its brushless motor and Electronic Motor Protection (EMP) ensure higher power, longer runtimes, and guarantee a longer tool lifetime. 

GAL 18V-40 Fast Charger

The Bosch GAL 18V-40 is a compact charger and features intelligent regulated dual-mode charging - the first 80% of charge is fast, the remaining 20% in long-life mode. This process extends the lifetime of the battery pack. A 5.0ah battery is charged 80% in 60min. The new modern design features an error indicator, alerting users if charging is interrupted due to temperature and/or battery failures. The battery status indicator provides an indication of charging mode and when charging is complete.100% compatible with all Bosch Professional 18 V batteries.

GBA 18V 4.0AH Li-ION Battery -

The 4.0ah 18V Lithium-ion battery has Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) which protects the battery from overload and increases its lifetime. It also has Bosch Cool Pack technology which reduces heat build-up within the battery and prevents it from overheating therefore increasing its lifetime.